Geographically South India has more non-vegetarians than the North of India. North India likes non-veg food, owing to two main reasons. The first is a cooler climate which prevails in most of the northern India (and is complemented by heat providing meat dishes) and the second is the extensive Islamic influence over the northern part of India which led to the birth of various cuisines such as the Awadhi and the Nawabi cuisines. Onto the Eastern part of India, due to continued dominance of tribal culture the cuisine itself is unique and embraces both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The west of India is largely vegetarian.

Delhi’s Kebab Culture comes from modern day Turkey , Iraq and Iran. Kebabs were first grilled in the 13th Century and since then have had a mixed culinary influence. They were most celebrated and documented during Delhi’s time as Mughal Capital. While Kebab’s differ in their legacies and audiences, they hold a singular truth that a Kebab is always born from a Tandoor. Even as Delhi’s Culture remains codified, Kebabs Escape this. Ending up in every corner of the city and being accessible to everyone. 




The unique concept of The Old Delhi sprouted very recently following the huge success of the brand Fat Tiger that has a presence in various states.
It’s founders Sahaj and Sahil realized the absence of authentic ethnic cuisine during the pandemic.
Thus began their search for the perfect mouth watering kebabs and other Mughlai recipes that promised to bring a shift back to our heritage in terms of culinary experiences.

Their passion drove them to explore the quintessential streets of Old Delhi from where they rediscovered their love for traditional Desi tastes and flavors by way of recipes passed down for generations.

It became their mantra to reintroduce these mouth watering treasures to the youth of today and  turn them into a conversation starter between all age groups.

And this how The Old Delhi was born





The Old Delhi’s main speciality and unique selling proposition include the variety available and curated across the myriad of dishes on our menu. From a range of four types of rotis to speciality kebabs, we offer concepts that titillate all kinds of palates!

Culinary Expert


The culinary experts that head our team at The Old Delhi are the backbone of the experience created for the customer with their mastery of the technique, skill along with the cuisine itself, making the culinary experience ever lastingly memorable on the palate! 

High Quality Food


The Old Delhi is committed to designing the finest culinary experience for its customers with high quality foods from a carefully curated menu suited and hand picked ingredients all handled with care and culinary expertise at our headquarters!




Our menu has been carefully curated with reasonable and affordable prices to universally suit a vast variety of customers, a unique proposition we pride ourselves in. 


We intend to do our part in maintaining an ethos for good environmental standards along with social responsibility by providing packaging and using practices that is ethical based on the same.